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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Queries = Queasy

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Well, it's true. I was searching for a few agents to query today and my stomach was doing flips, along with the shaking of the hands and such. I think I'm just so scared that I'm going to screw up on one itty bitty thing, so the form rejections will be right in the mail. It's that paranoia of mine. And perfectionism.

So, after searching for some agents to submit to, I was preparing the packages to be mailed out, still cringing. When, lo and behold, I hear a crash from the other room. I notice both cats are in the room with me, so I can't blame them (darn). Investigating, I discover one of my bookshelves had decided to give way (only one shelf thankfully). I am still trying to figure out how this would be a GOOD sign, but anyway I look at it, it speaks of forbodeing. I'm doomed, cursed. And I wish to strangle the fairies in my house for making mischief (too much lately - they keep moving objects in front of my feet so I'm constantly stubbing my toes).

Well, whether I'm cursed or not, I sent out an e-query today, and two other queries are ready to be snail-mailed out tomorrow. I still have yet to hear back from that second agency. Right now I'm guessing my rejection is lost in the postal system, simply because our post office is run by morons. Yesterday I received mail that was supposed to go to our address on a different street (McCall, Hartwell - can the difference be anymore blatant?), and today our Netflix arrived totally drenched (yes, it's raining out, but isn't that what the mail truck is for and the mail bag? to keep things dry!). I do wonder how we'll be sending that disk back - maybe 2 in the same envelope.

I think the rest of this day calls for a Hard Cider and working on my website (or playing video games). Although, a hard cider would go well with the Terry Pratchett book I'm reading.

Until next week (or maybe later this week if something GOOD happens...perhaps I'll post a pic of my 12-year-old goldfish). Happy writing!


  1. The longer you it takes the better it is for you.

  2. First, I don't think yopu want that first "you" in there, Chun. :p lol Are you haveing a little too much fun at ComicCon?

    Second, that statement is not always true. The longer it takes for me to find an agent, the lower I get on the list of good agents (remember, start with the biggest and work down). And, if the post office screwed up (which by the wat that mis-mailed letter I received, I took to the post office so they could send it to the right address, and well, you guessed it - I got it again!) then any length of time will not see a response in my hands. Eternity is not an option. *sigh*

  3. Firstly, Madame, your writing is wonderful and your plot MUCH needed so pooh on your worries.

    As far as the bookshelf falling down, I would take that as a warning sign that you can not procrastinate anymore, you must get your book out there so new shelves can be built to hold copies of it. :-)

  4. I meant the longer it takes for one agent to decide the better it is. Means he didn't read a few pages and throw it away. And yes the you isn't supposed to be there but I am too lazy to edit it.

  5. Thank you for the kind comments, Diana.

    Maybe if everybody comcentrates on this being a better week, then I'll feel a bit better about it all. The foul mood I'm in today though doesn't bode well for the rest of the week.

    I think this coming Sunday calls for going to Ren Faire and drinking too much hard cider and mead...