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Friday, October 14, 2005

Fresh Distraction

Well, this week flew by fast, and I'm not actually sure where it went.

I do know where most of my energy has gone since Wednesday.

Meet Amara. Her name means unfading. She is our new addition to the house (which puts our cat count up to three). At the pet store she was so timid and inched away from us. I was like, oh, she's so sweet - she'll be a nice, quiet little kitty. Well, I should have learned my lesson with Roland. Amara is a little spitfire (who just yanked my mouse off the desk - sigh). I am expending most of my energy keeping her out of trouble. Not to mention, when I try to type, she tends to want to walk all over the keyboard. I know, I know, the last thing I needed was yet another thing stopping me from getting words onto paper (or into word doc). What can I say, my husband and I are impulse pet buyers. :p Our other two cats are none too happy with the situation either.

So, I haven't gotten much done in way of writing this week. I have a few crits to finish, and I might just have to lock the kitten up in the bathroom to get them done...my study is her home while the other cats get used to having her around and so she doesn't destroy the rest of the house when we can't watch her. That makes things difficult. One good thing about her as a distraction - I haven't played EQ much, haven't logged on in two days, as a matter of fact. And having the kitten is encouraging me to clean the house, so she has less junk to get into. :)

Okay, I think that's all for my post right now. I have a Roland growling at an Amara - he's jealous because she's playing with HIS toys. Who needs children when you have cats? Happy writing, all!

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  1. Stupid spammers! Not even 15 minutes from my last update, and I get 2 spam comments on my blog. What do people think that will accomplish? They have been deleted, you bastards (this is an example of my pissed off writer face).