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Monday, October 24, 2005

New Week

Okay, so here is what I accomplished last week (in between having to take the kitten to the vet because she has an upper respiratory infection, plus having to give her a bath because she had poo smushed into her fur - Roland was never this much work):

- 1 crit
- Updated Website (added a tip finally - yay - go to my website to check it out)
- Edited "Daina" short
- Submitted 3 queries (1 to Luna)
- Submitted 2 stories

Not as much as I wanted to get done, but such is life.

This week, on the other hand, is the week of my big Halloween party. Okay, it's not so big, but I do have a lot of preperations to do for it, especially since the house still isn;t fully cleaned. So, this weeks list for writing, I know I won't complete it all, but they are things I need to work on, so we'll see what I get done. Chun will be coming in on Friday, so maybe he'll encourage me to get more done while he's here (after I make him help me carve pumpkins - lol). Here goes:

- 1 crit
- Write story "Hell Hath No Fury"
- Write novella (Blood and Souls - working title)
- Edit flash "Path of One"
- Edit story "Bloodstains"
- Add to a chain story
- Website - update (maybe add to the Chronicles)
- Submit 1 or 2 stories
- Revise story "This is Where I Stand"

Long list, I know. As I said, I don't expect to finish it all.

In other news one of my stories made it past round one of ASIM's submission process - yay! I'm all blogged out for now. Happy writing!

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