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Thursday, August 07, 2014

What Am I Writing? 8/7/14 Snippet - Dead As Dreams

Below is a snippet of something I am currently working on. Be warned, it will usually be rough draft material. Please let me know if you like what you read! It'll encourage me to keep going. <3

Lazarus yanked the burning charm out from under his shirt. It flamed a brilliant purple, complementing the colors of the setting sun.

And then he felt the souls, in every crevice of his being, through his skin, muscles, and embedded in his bones. He looked out across the field, tall grasses shifting in the breeze. There was no sign of a single grave, but he saw the bodies just beneath the dirt, decaying and crumbling, buried unceremoniously, without care or love.

A mass grave.

The land was permeated with death, seeped in lost souls. Not a single body beneath had released their spirits. So many souls for Lokahn to devour.

And the souls were hungry. Killed and left alone, they yearned for the warmth of a live body and the touch of a spirit seeker.

From Dead As Dreams, Chapter 7 (novel currently in the revision process)

About Dead As Dreams:

Dreams are in danger and souls are chained to the earth. Aysa, the Shepherd of Dreams, and Lazarus, a spirit seeker, join forces to restore the balance between dreams and nightmares and life and death. They face a rogue spirit seeker and a manipulator of nightmares--both intent on unhinging the world, but there is yet another pulling the strings.

NEXT UP: Finally back to The Sims 3, Lavender Legacy!

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