Quote of the Moment

"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Has it been a week already?

This week went way too fast. I'm not even sure where most of it went. Oh, yeah, at least a good chunk of it was devoured by Evercrack (um...I mean Everquest).

I had the most difficult time revising when I sat down to do it earlier this week, and was only able to accomplish 250 words in an hour and a half. Don't ask why - or if you might know why, please tell me. ;) Did about another 500 the next day to at least finish off the scene, and I think the scene ended well at least. I'm learning more and more how Bastian works - I thought he was going to be too stubborn to agree to something (that he agreed to much quicker in the rough draft when I didn't know how much of an ass - and I mean unmoving donkey - he really was), but Tessa baited him right, which is one of the things she's good at doing. Of course she'll make a good High Priestess, she's a manipulative little bitch. *evil grins*

The next scene is a longer one (at least in my terms), and the next scene/chapter is even longer than that. Maybe that's why I'm procrastinating. I know my butt will have to be glued to the couch and my laptop soldered to my lap for a long while, since I hate stopping in the middle of the scene; if I do, I lose my train of thought and next time I sit down to revise, I suck up lots of time by re-reading the stuff through.

Oh, look at all that commentary above. And I thought I'd have nothing to say when I finally decided I needed to do a blog entry.

I haven't submitted any of my stories that I received rejections back for. I'm thinking some might need another revision or two. I might just break down and revise "Cold...Oh So Cold" again, even though I said I wouldn't. Maybe just a tense change. Now to find the time to revise. I have a few other older stories that if I just had the time to revise them, they might actually be up to snuff to submit to places. I think I'm going to have to make a "This is what needs to be done" list for all my writings. Something to put on my website? Perhaps. Perhaps not (might just be too boring for most people - not everybody is as list-oriented as I am).

Oh, yes, there hasn't been much progress on the website. I'm ready for it to go live once I get the metadata from my friend, but all the pages off the main page are currently awaiting content. I might work on some of that after this post. It would be fun to send the new site live on Halloween (also my wedding anniversary), but I don't think I can be that patient. I'm hoping it'll be up this week sometime. Here's hoping I can get the search engines to pick it up.

Okay, enough blather. I should be doing more important thing, like revising (and playing Everquest...I didn't say that, really). Happy writing!


  1. Keep writing! I've been stuck on my own chapter for a few days trying to get it to move. Something about finishing an act makes me think I can slow down the writing as I have slowed down the story. Ah well back to writing.

    P.S. Stop with the Everquest! There are far too many lives that have been ruined by the beast that eats up time.

  2. Lol, Chun! Yes, yes, back to writing. I'll get over the speedbumps, I know I will. And after another 6 hours of Everquest, I'm all video-gamed out for a while (I do that - I binge on video games, then go for a long stretch without playing them - I know when I start dreaming of them, I've had enough).