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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Oops...almost forgot today

Yes, I almost forgot to write a blog post this week. I'm so bad.

Well, I'm having issues with blogger, of course. Someone decided to spam my blog by putting a comment on one of my posts (two posts before this one) advertising a free tv. So, I should be able to delete the comment, right? For some reason the garbage can icons are not showing up for me, so I can't delete the post. The techs at blogger say it should show up when I'm logged in. But it doesn't. See my problem? Evil spammers.

In writing news, I have to get 18,000 words revised between now and the end of the day Thursday. I've procrastinated too much, and I'm all down about how little description I have even after the first revision (on what I've revised so far at least). This is going to be an interesting week. I also have to plan and decorate for my Halloween party on Saturday, bake, clean, write a reading journal and self-assessment, and go to a crappy interview (for a job I really don't want). No sleep, that's the key.

I will be undertaking NaNoWriMo in November (I think I might have mentioned that before). I know blogger is advertising NaNoBlogMo, but I'm not about to post an entire novel for all the public to see. Does blogger want to encourage people to lose their first published rights so no publisher would be willing to publish the novels? Anyway, I intend to do a daily update on this blog. It'll include my word count, my frustrations, and anything else I deem worthy. I figure, if I have to post here everyday it'll force me to write, since I won't want to post "I did diddly squat." I'll be working on the sequel to the novel I'm currently revising. I really need to know what the core plot of that one is going to be. I know where I want to be by the end of the third novel, but each novel needs its own story arc (unlike Laurell K. Hamilton's last Merry Gentry book).

Okay, I have other things to do. Maybe I can get 2,000 words revised before I go to bed (if I stay up until 3am...). Happy writing all!

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