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Sunday, October 17, 2004

New Website Is Up and Running!

I know, I just posted a blog update yesterday. Didn't I tell you I was impatient to put my new website up? I decided to not wait for the metadata and just add it in when I get it. It might not even do me much good anyway. Who knows.

Anyhow, click on the link to go to the new website: Alexa Grave's Writing Corner. I'm really proud of myself for learning style sheets and creating the website from scratch. Let me know what you think of it (layout and content). Any feedback is welcome. Oh, and I still have a lot of content to add. Most of the pages you click on, you'll get a wonderful excuse saying I still need to add to that page. Sorry - this is the result of my impatience.

The old website is still up, and I know I need to take it down, or at least make it only one page with links to the new site and such. I'll get around to it.

You know, when I was writing the Bio for my website, I realized something. My eleven-year-old goldfish is only a couple months older than when I started writing fantasy. Could it be that it's the goldfish all along that has some crazy power to drive me to write? Needless to say, I'm going to bawl when that fish dies - he's been with me through so much (poor little thing has a cataract over one eye too).

Okay, update over. :p

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  1. Very cool. I like the earthy colors. It reminds me of the pastoral, which I think is very much related to fantasy.