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"What's Past Is Prologue." - William Shakespeare

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Tired, and more tired

I seem to be super tired lately. Maybe it's the change in whether. Who knows. I've of course been putzing around with things I shouldn't be putzing around with, instead of writing. I spent about 6 hours yesterday and a bunch more today (oh, it's after midnight, so that would be Thursday and Friday) working on my website. Sorry, no one else can see the changes yet since the site will be going up at sff.net, at least once the main page is done. I'm not even going to post it on geocities. But, I learned a bunch about style sheets. Which means, I now know how to putz with the blog look without having to arbitrarily change something and see what it does. :p That reminds me, I need to change around some fonts and colors... Oh no, more stuff I shouldn't be doing.

In way of writing, I started a short story, temporarily entitled "The Purging." It's actually set in the world of my current novel in progress. It takes place in the past, one of the turning points in Leera's history, when the first Witch Hunter beheaded a Witch for the first time, and the sun turned as red as blood. ;) The new quote in the scrolling marquee is my first sentence of the story.

I just received my contributor's copy of The Drabbler (and yes, the story is under my pseudonym), and I'm tempted to frame my dollar. :p Also received another rejection from F&SF, but this time it was on a Monday, not a Saturday (thank the Goddess for small favors).

That's about all that's going on with me. I need to revise more. This term went so quickly. My unemployment is going to run out way too soon. Eek! Anyway, happy writing!

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