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Friday, November 03, 2006

Er....word meter

I wrote some more today.

1 hr = 1020 words!

I didn't know my fingers could type that fast.

Anyway, the Word Meter site seems to have an error saying the account is closed, and then the alternate site I have used for word meter isn't responding properly either. Not sure what's going on. Perhaps it's a conspiracy to not allow me to track my progress. Guess I'll have to do it just via posting here and using my NaNo profile.

Total count as of today: 1,745 words

Click on the link to view my NaNo Profile. Maybe I'll even add an excerpt once this weekend if there's a spot I really like (okay, really like and willing to share with the world so that everyone can shatter my hopes of what I thought was good).

Happy NaNoing!

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