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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yes, I know, I'm lazy

Okay - I meant to blog last night, but I go caught up in other things. It happens. For me, a lot.

Anyway, I didn't write last weekend. I felt the psuh to finish Halloween Quests on EQ as they ended Sunday night, and I wasn't feeling well on Sunday. There, it's the truth, not excuses.

I did write yesterday, though.

Yesterday's total about 50 minutes = 778 words! (btw I edited Friday's post - I had the wrong word count for the day)

Grans Total = 2523!

One tenth of the way to my own personal goal, and one twentieth to the NaNo goal. Today, I need to try to ignore house cleaning and Everquest (bank rearranging on 14 characters and a guild bank of all things) and shoot for like 3500. Not sure if that can happen before my husband gets home and we need to go food shopping. We'll see. I did get up before noon, which is a plus.

Wish me luck, and I might blog later.

By the way, it looks like the meter is working again, so I'll go fix it up right now.

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