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Monday, November 20, 2006

Yea, Kept Putting It Off

I kept putting off posting here. Bad me. Again.

Anyway, I don't have my exact number tally right now in front of me. But, I think it's 6,111 words now.

I wrote two days last week and four days the week before. Maybe I'll up it back to four days this week (although, we have no clean dishes).

19k in 11 days though? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows. I do know my goal was never really 50k - heh. I need a good balance between quantity and quality.

I so know I need to finish the rough draft of Shepherd, and I also know tracking my word count in the excel file has been fun and helped me to write more. This might mean I have to do that every month. I'd like to eventually shoot for 10 hours a week of writing until the rough draft is done, or 5-7k words a week. I really need to get a handle on time management, I tell ya.

That's the post for this week, unless I plow out loads of words and feel the need to report...er brag? Happy writing!

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