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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Forget Days

Yesterday, I again was feeling like dung. And then everything else I needed to get done trumped writing. I know, it's NaNo month, and all other things should be lower priority than NaNo. I can't do that. I'm the only one that cleans the house, otherwise it smells bad, and when I have a dirty, messy house, I can't write, or keep my mind on the writing. Not to mention dealing with student loans and house hunting (still - I haven't heard back from our realtor either...she might have forgotten we exist). All those little things that needed to get done, and when I finish them I look at the clock and the day is over.

I do want to catch up with NaNo, I do want to hit 50k this month, but I might have to be realistic. November sucks for NaNo. The only worst month that could have been chosen for this crazy feat would have been Decemeber. WFC in November, Thanksgiving in November. Why not June or August for NaNo? Not to mention daylight savings time has shifted, and it gets dark earlier, and with it being colder out, I'm more lethargic (as I think I've stated before - I swear I have SAD - I so need out of Wisconsin).

So, today my stomach and the gray sky outside say, go back to sleep. I won't go back to sleep, per se, but I will take it easy, and I won't push myself to get thousands upon thousands of words done just so I can catch up. I'm a loser, I'll accept that, but I won't stop writing. I will be shifting gears to that novella I need to get the rough draft done of. And yes, I will be counting any words I complete for that toward NaNo. Right now, my goal is to make sure I write a little bit each day, even if it's just 100 words. Tonight around 6, when I'm not too tired yet and when my husband will be leveling my enchanter on EQ, I will work on that novella for at least an hour. Then I will increase my writing time everyday. Baby steps to get back into the heavy word counts. I also plan to handwrite the next novella scene - something I haven't done in a long while.

Have I babbled? Yes. Have I made excuses? A few. Will I find my writing pace and pull myself out of my stress-funk soon? I damn well better.

Good luck to those that are on track to completing NaNo. I give you props for being able to do what I can't seem to do. :) Heck, I'll still try again next year because I am a masochist at heart, and torturing myself with things like NaNo is a hobby. :p

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