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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

NaNo Day 1 Blahs

This is not starting out well at all. I got five hours of sleep last night, so I am exhausted to begin with (I would have slept longer, but my eyes didn;t want to stay shut). When I finally get into my study to start my word count, Amara, the calico kitten from hell, is an utter pain in the ass. I am the type that can really only have the music as background and no other type of interruptions. Here, I posted a rant to the NaNo forums, and I will repost it here.


Look at me - I was stupid enough to get a new kitten about three weeks ago!

I know you might think, okay, I'm too busy having fun and playing with the kitten.

It's quite the contrary. She is a terror with four paws and a tail. So, you say, shut her out of the room. Well, she is stuck in my study because she has an upper respiratory infection and would get my other cats sick. And if I left her in any other room alone, she would destroy it.

I admit, this is just a vent post because the kitten has been such a brat that I was only able to get a paragraph done in 45 minutes. People like to make lists, and so do I. Here are a few reasons why Amara (unfading - gods why did I pick a name that means unfading) won't let me write:

1. Instead of eating her food, she tries to knock it over so she can bat around the pieces.
2. Instead of drinking her water, she tries to knock it over so she can amuse herself while I'm wiping it up.
3. She jumps up and pulls at my hair when I am in the middle of taking a sip of soda, so my hand jerks and I get soda all over me and my keyboard (this was the incident that made me start this post).
4. She jumps from the loveseat straight onto the keyboard while I'm typing (you should have seen the Yahoo search she attempted last night).
5. She chews mouse cords, among other cords. Yes, she shorted out my nice mouse this past week and I was forced to buy a wireless.
6. When I pick her up when she's going absolutely bonkers running around the room, there are moments she goes schitzy and decides biting is a great option - ow says my left hand right now.
7. She likes to eat paper - I'm a writer, and I get a cat the chews paper.
8. She will crawl in anything and everything that she is not supposed to be in or on, and she does it because she knows it will get my attention.

Okay, eight is enough. There are more, trust me. *sigh*


So, in an hour, I managed to write 218 words. Yippee! Did I spell yippee right? Yipee? Bleh. I was tired to begin with, and I am exhausted now. I hope to write more tonight, but I just might do one of the things I hate doing right now. Nap. She wore me out that much. Of course, now she's sleeping, so when I get back in here to try again, she'll be bouncing off the walls again...

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