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Monday, November 07, 2005

Still tired

WFC wiped me out. I slept lots last night and I still feel like I need even more sleep. *sigh* I will post some stuff I heard on the panels later this week. it won't be nearly as much as I posted for WisCon - hehe.

So, time to cover goals. Last week I managed to write 2.2k for NaNo and have a good time at WFC (even though it exhausted me).

This weeks goals are:

- 14-21k of NaNo novel
- 5-10k of novella
- 1 crit
- still need to add to that chain story (I swear it's been a year since I was supposed to add to it last)
- update website
- 2-3 queries to agents
- post some tidbits from WFC

That's a full plate, to use a cliche. I've already done about 600 words for NaNo today, I just don't want to edit my tracking bar until I am done for the day. So, later you'll either just see the bar updated, or you might get a NaNo comment from me, too - depends on how tired I am and how late I get to the at least 3k goal I want to get to today. This week will be better - no conventions, no guests (sent Chun off on the bus a couple hours ago). I will be visiting in-laws on the weekend, but a 4 hour trip there and back with the husband driving will likely be good for getting writing done (that is if my laptop cooperates with me - it was such a pain over the convention).

That's all for now...I'm tempted to take a nap. :) Happy writing!

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