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Saturday, November 05, 2005

NaNo - Day 4

No cute title today. I'm too darn tired for cute and witty. Note: today still means Friday, no matter what my time stamps says. It's my brains clock that counts.

Okay, if I can't get this crappy internet connection and blogger to cooperate in sync to get my template updated - the bar should be at 2,245/50,000 (4.5%). Yay, I got some done!

Yes, this means that I figured out most of the Lazarus stuff - well, the main stuff that I needed to get my rolling at least. He surprised me with a nasty secret already while I was just writing. Love it when they do that. But, yes, when I was trying to get to sleep, I thought on it, and it clicked. Muse likes to kick in when I'm almost aleep because she hopes I'll forget in the morning and get frustrated. Sometimes I think my writing troubles only exist to amuse her. I swear she laughs every time I receive a rejection.

Now I'm rambling about crap. Oh, am I exhausted. Here's hoping I get some decent sleep and that I can write another 1k at least tomorrow. I might not hit 10k by the time I go to bed on Sunday, but I'll just have to play catch up next week then. :) Fun, fun. Night all, and happy writing!

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