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Thursday, November 03, 2005

NaNo Day 3 - No words

Okay, WFC started today. Unfortunately, that's not the reason why I didn't get any words for NaNo done. It's one of my main characters that has me stumped right now. I know, this is where people tell me I should plan things out further ahead of time. This writer can't do that! So, instead I will vent and think things through out on here. Sometimes if I actually talk about the problem, a solution will pop in my head.

I can see the Shepherd of Dreams - she was the one who led me to this novel to begin with, and I even have developed a few more ideas concerning her and the plot. Well, I also have a male POV. The first scene with him is only currently a page long. I don't know very much about him, though. His name is Lazarus. The name was pulled from the ether when I started his scene - it felt right (hell, I never thought I'd be using a name from the bible). Anyway, when I came back from the panels today and started my comp, I at least looked up Lazarus to refresh my memory on the biblical story. Okay, he was the dude raised from the dead. So, I think, it would be cool to have him be involved with death, perhaps something like a necromancer. This is where I freeze up. It sounds right - dreams and death is a good pairing, but I can't even begin to see how any necromancer-like thing could be intertwined with the Shepherd of Dreams. I also don't want to be cliche. There needs to be something different, and he needs to have a reason to use necromantic power. It feels lke one of those things where I'm so close to the answer, but my muse is currently unwilling to bonk me over the head with the connections. I do know, Lazarus is one sick fuck. I hope he doesn't turn into a second villain - the poor Shepherd would have her hands full. From how I feel, he might be one of those anti-heroes.

Perhaps I'll get some ideas from the zombie panel on Saturday - lol - Chun would love it if I wrote something with zombies in it. Heck, maybe my husband would actually read some of my writing then.

Why must I be cursed with having a brain that needs to write scenes in order? Here's hoping if I sleep on it, it'll all come together, so I can squeeze in 2k words on Friday, sometime between everything else going on. I might be going the handwritting route so I don't have to drag my laptop around (which takes like 15 minutes to boot up anyhow).

Lazarus - let me in your head! Muse - start talking, and stop smirking! Sleep time. :)


  1. What? You're letting little things like a Convention and no understanding of your characters get in the way of WRITING??!?

    For shame.

  2. Lol - not everyone can be a super writer like you Tim. ;)