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Monday, November 29, 2004

Last Comment for NaNoWriMo 2004

No, I haven't written anymore. Yes, I know there are still two days left (a day and a half to be exact). No, I don't consider this giving up. So, I didn't suceed at NaNo this year. I'm not a winner (nothing new there). At least I have the second novel in the trilogy started, and with that start came new insight and ideas for revising the first novel. There's always next year. Maybe I'll be able to convince a few of my friends to join me next time so we can bribe and flog each other into finishing. I had one friend doing it this year, but she likes to be silent for spans of time. And I think she got way less than I did (3k). She's not as serious about writing (she spends more time on fanfiction, which I think would be best spent creating her own works).

So, my final count is at 14k. And I'm not going to strive for more in the next two days because I have other writing stuff that I've been putting off, like revising the first novel, writing my workshop submission for next residency, and filling out module stuff for the residency. I should have sent that in weeks ago.

That's all I'm going to say about NaNoWriMo for now. I feel too pessimisstic right now to actually display it on the blog. ;) So, it's back to weekly updates.

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  1. Well you made the attempt. That's better than the most of us. Good luck!