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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Procastination for Day 6...

Going through all of my papers. And do I have a lot of papers to go through. Yes, I'm posting this even later than usual, but I was putzing on the NaNo Forums for the last hour. Anyway, the wordcount for Day 6 is:

720 words (better than yesterday)

Total wordcount is:

6,860 words

I'll catch up, really I will. I have to. If I can;t get at least 50k words, I can't call myself a writer without feeling guilty about it.

Bastian has decided to creep me out a bit - I've discovered a darker side to him that wasn't able to come out in the first novel. As promised though, one beheading and counting (seeing Bastian right now, I wouldn't be surprised if he snaps later in this novel or the next one and we have a wonderful, much needed slaughter...I just have to make sure he doesn't kill Tessa - that would be bad). Why am I so obsessed with blood right now? Maybe I'm channeling Bastian. :p

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