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Monday, November 08, 2004

NaNo - Day 7

Day 7 total:

1,190 words

Overall total:

8,050 words

Well, I made it through week one. I didn't reach my goal for the week (which was 17,500 words), but I think I have a good start. It's more than I've written in a week in a long time. I intend to do better this next week. Somehow, I'll get to work on the things on my list that are more important, instead of putzing with the things that still need to get done but are less important. That makes sense, right? Motivation, that's what I need. I have to remind myself my motivation should be never having to work a day job again. Sadly, I know that's unrealistic, therefore that thought doesn't work for motivation. And the thing I had going with my husband to revise (I revise 2k words, he plays an hour worth of a video game I want to watch). He owes me 12 hours. Shows you how much that's working, since he hasn't paid up on his end, there goes the drive to even consider getting anything done. I so have to revise.

Okay, I think I'm in too much of a whiney mood right now. I should do my backups and go to bed. Maybe I'll dream up some motivation. Hey, it could happen ;)

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