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Thursday, November 04, 2004

NaNoWriMo - Day 4

Okay, I hope this is the only day this month I'm going to have to say this: I wrote diddly squat today.

We had an interesting time trying to get my new loveseat through the front door. Anyone watching my husband, my stepmom, and me would have probably laughed their asses off. We still don't know how we actually got it in and up the stairs. Definitely hiring movers when we move. Anyway, I now have a loveseat to stretch out on in my study. Now there's the period of time that it's going to take for me to get used to actually writing in my study. I'm just so used to the livingroom. I also am now have my old handmade cradle in the house (it was sitting in my dad's garage for over a year and they didn't know what to do with it and wanted to give it to me, and I said okay - that was a year ago when I had room for it - no room for it now). Where the fuck am I going to put the thing? Excuse my language, I've also been in a bit of a foul mood all day. If I would have written I most likley would have killed off Simon, the dumbass Head Enforcer, and that would have cretaed all sorts of problems for Bastian and Corinne. Who knows, maybe I'll do it tomorrow anyway and watch Bastian go through more torture. I swear, I need less emotional and mental torture and more physical torture. If they ever run into the group that worships the Ravager, chaos I think is their central ideology, hm...maybe I should skip a few chapters and write a torture chapter. Nah. I'm chronologically attuned. I'll get there eventually.

Okay, now that only half of that mess was about writing... I'm going to read and promise myself I'll have an outstanding wordcount tomorrow. ;) Oh, and any encouraging comments to make me get my butt in gear are welcome. Bye!

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