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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

NaNoWriMo Day 3 ...... *sigh*

I know I'm cutting this post close to the midnight mark. Oh, well.

Total for today:

600 words (yes, I'm bad - at least it's not zero, and I was tempted to let it be zero)

Grand total:

5,600 words

So, I din't get my 2,500 words for the day. Oops. I'm too sleepy to argue and make excuses right now. I just didn't want to write, so there.

Oh, and for all I told (I think it might have only been my mentor in my writing program) that my characters would not go back to Sierka most likely - I lied. Tessa didn't go back, but Bastian did with Corinne in tow (um, maybe it's more like Corinne leading Bastian - they're having leadership issues and they haven't even been on their journey for a day). I have such hard-headed, independent characters. Come to think of it, I don't think I have any meek characters. That might be a bad think. Oh, Sinda is more meek. That helps the balance a little.

I've decided to give you all a snippet from yesterday's writing (not from today's since it wasn't the best). Here you go (the first person speaking is Bastian, and Uliah is the new Watcher on the Council - she's usually as cold and calm as Arian, really):

"I’ll find her, and I’ll kill her," he said.

Uliah grabbed Bastian’s wrist and squeezed, and an urgency filled her eyes. "Don’t be so quick to behead her. She holds the keys to many things, including the one to unlock your memory. She also carries a link that has a heartbeat."

Bastian pried her fingers off him. He’d have bruises from her grip. "Enough of this."

Uliah leaned over the arm of her chair and retched. Her entire body trembled. "What did I say?" she asked.

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